Responsibilities of children to parents
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
                  "Aimamnnnn!!!!!!!! can you help mother buy some eggs at the grocery store." This is the responsibility of a child to his parents. Actually responsibility of children to parents is very heavy to perform. But that is the duty of a child in fulfilling responsibilities of parents, because of our parents who care for and educate us from childhood until we are old enough to think for ourselves.

             Responsibility of children to parents has many branches. Some has to take care of their parents until the last breath and so on. If there is no parents then we would not exist in this world.

             Therefore, I would like to remind the children out there, let us together fulfill our responsibilities to our the parents because they are willing to fight for us, to bring us up with love. Without them we will not exist in this world.

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